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AL Redwan Water Est.

Al Redwan Animal Husbandry & Food Industry EST. Company is a leading drinking water provider in the United Arab Emirates since 1988, having its head office in Umm Al Quwain.  ensures that its customers enjoy water and its purest natural best, every day. Excellent infrastructure gave the firm the ability to provide consistent quality products produced and distributed in time.The story of AL Redwan drinking water dates back to 1988 when His Highness Rashid Humaid Sultan Al Shamsi decided to make the pristine water of Hatta available to everyone. The water is naturally sourced from the springs of Hatta which is abstracted from the layers of mineral rocks enriched with calcium and magnesium that gives it the unforgettable unique delicate taste.

A Trusted Name In
Bottled Water Industry in UAE

Balanced PH

Al Redwan is a high quality, pure alkaline natural mineral water, with a perfectly balanced mineral composition and low-sodium content. With a pH of 8.45

Maxium Purity

Due to the importance of water in our life we give 99.99% pure water to our customers.

5 Steps Filtration

Water has different types of impurity. 5 steps filtration removes all the impurity of the water.

Quality Certified

Al Redwan Water Est. is a HACCP certified company (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

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